T-Shirt Design & Sublimation Printing

T-shirt & apparel design

T-shirt design is RCW’s first love and the principal nut & bolt in the inception of the company. We have over 7000 designs of t-shirts to choose from, spanning a vast spectrum of themes and occasions. Further still, you could always choose to add your own logo, colour, flavor or an entirely new design. RCW excels in designing all kinds of apparel for both business and personal use. Be it a friend’s house party, corporate event, a college fest or your family photograph, we cater to all kinds of apparel designing and printing needs.

Dye Sublimation Printing & Heat Transfer

From Walmart to Givenchy and everything in between,T-shirts with photograph-like prints and vivid designs have become a huge trend. Dye Sublimation Printing is what brings them to life. With ourexpertise in t-shirt designing, RCW also has in-house dye sublimation printing services to ensure best quality results and do justice to our awesome designs. With state of the art Epson F series printers and use of original Epson sublimation inks, we truly bring our creations to life.

Once our designs are digitally processed, these revolutionary large format printersinitially print the designs on coated transfer paper as a reverse image of the final design, which is then transferred onto polyester fabrics in a heat press operation. Under high temperature and pressure, the dye turns into a gas and permeates the fabric and then solidifies into its fibers. The fabric is permanently dyed so it can be washed without damaging the quality of image.

"Some features of Sublimation printing are as follows"
No Size Limitations Print over the entire garment
No Colour Limitations Print an unlimited number of colours.
No minimum quantity Print one or many garments.
No fading, cracking, or peeling the design sits within the fabric of the garment. Not on top.
Does not work on 100% cotton fabrics Has a slightly lower comfort factor than pure cotton.
The polyester content of the sublimation shirts makes a big difference to the final product. The higher the % of polyester the better the printing results. Some of the commonly used garment types are 100% Polyester, Dri-Release or Dri-Fits, etc.
Brand RCW

RCW has been so successful in designing apparels that we have created our own line of clothing for various sports or casual occasions. Our creations have been donned by huge corporates, famous clubs and institutions.

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