Strategy & Consultancy


A brand is not a logo. And it is definitely not a website or a brochure. A brand is a voice, a tone, a way of behaving, an attitude, a message. Our designers understand this, and will work with you to create a brand identity and collateral that effectively communicates your brand to your target audience.

A brand by itself should be able to establish a solid connection with the audience. At RCW, we do not just care about how your brand looks, but also how it sounds, feel, stimulate, to generate a solid global picture.

Your brand needs to tell your story to the customer both consciously and subconsciously conveying the qualities that make you the best choice.

The brand strategy takes into account the various factors that affect a brand, and works to define what the brand should stand for over time. The brand strategy is like a map, without it you're unlikely to reach your destination.

We do industry research, competition research, marketing approach determination and gathering ideas to help us choose the right direction on the way to smart and unique brand expression. We know how important this is to make a research on trends to understand the audience's expectations in order to be able to exceed them.

Marketing & Advertising

At Rajhans Creative Works, wecan help you create that next sound plan to establish or keep market and business momentum. Being in tune with your brand, ideas, strategy, message and product, we can help you live in the minds of your target audience.

We give you the best way to make yourself known and remembered. Good advertising can enhance the value of the brand and get your corporate services to stand out from your competition.

RCW has hands-on expertise in coming up with out-of-the-box advertising creative solutions for a variety of clients - from corporate to small businesses, products and non-profit organizations. Be it a product launch, recruitment advertisement, teaser campaign, classified advertisements or brand building ads, we can come up with the right strategy and creative solution.

Business Analysis

Apart from the actual designing, RCW is also adept at providing advice on various strategic and business issues. Our team of experts is supplemented by our partner network and domain experts, Rainbridge Ventures to analyze and consult on diverse range of topics.

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